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Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kenya


We are among the leading price comparison platform for online automobile insurance in Kenya. We obtain quotes from top insurers in Kenya to help consumers choose the best cover. Our service comes free of charge to our customers. We partner with the best providers in the market to get the best rates for motor insurance.

  • We work with leading and most reliable insurance companies in Kenya to get you the lowest insurance prices available.
  • Get your insurance certificates and stickers delivered to your doorstep.
  • SAVE hundreds of Kenya Shillings to get the most extensive motor coverage
  • Buy Online Now. Instantly connect with the insurance company of your choice and complete the purchase of your new auto insurance policy.
  • See side-by-side unbiased and impartial comparisons of real-time auto insurance quotes.
  • Provide coverage for just about any form of damage or loss to your vehicle.
  • Cover yourself against damage you cause with your vehicle to any other vehicle or property you knock while driving.
  • Cover yourself against injury/death you cause any person while using your vehicle.

NB:- To make sure you’re saving the most on your Motor Insurance  policy, experts recommend getting at least 4 (four)motor Insurance quotes.

Comprehensive Insurance policy.

The financial risk of not taking comprehensive insurance is too great to bear. For peace of mind we strongly recommend an extensive coverage to enable you concentrate on those other things that matter. We will help you to find the best deal on your Car Insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance provides coverage for just about any form of financial loss related to your vehicle. The policy will compensate you following accidental damage, loss by theft, fire, riots and strikes malicious damage, flooding, earthquake etc.

It provides coverage for damage caused by your vehicle to another person’s vehicle or their property if you are held responsible for an accident. Cover applies to your omissions/negligence acts that results to damage and losses to other users of the road.

You are covered as the  Insured or any person authorized by you to drive the vehicle insured and holding a valid Driving License. Any loss or damage by accidental means, theft, fire,

Summary of Comprehensive Cover

     Covers loss or damage by accidental means, theft, fire, malicious damage to the vehicle and Third Party Liabilities (death, injuries and property damage).Compensation to your vehicle following accidental damage, loss by theft, fire, riots and strikes malicious damage, flooding, earthquake etc. Policy also reimburses costs for damages to property  belonging to Third parties including bodily injuries.

  • – Third party bodily injury——————–Unlimited
  • – Third party property damage————–Included
  • – Passenger legal liability———————Included
  • – Towing/Recovery —————————-Included
  • – Emergency medical expenses————–Included
  • – Authorized repair limit———————–Included
  • – Loss/damage to personal effects belonging to driver/passenger—–Included
  • – Fatal PA for insured or driver—————-Included
  • – Emergency Medical Response (Road Ambulance) following an accident by Kenya Red Cross
  • – Windscreen cover—————————–Included
  • – Car Radio/Entertainment system———–Included
  • – Cover for Side mirrors——————— —Available
  • – Covered for Spare wheel and Rim———-Available
  • – Road rescue cover—————————–Available
  • – Free key retrieval/Replacement————-Available
  • – Free Starter/Alternator cover—————-Available


Comprehensive Value Additions.


No blame – Most insurance companies have adopted the clause in their motor policy. -No Blame No Excess – Subject to a police abstract blaming a known third party. Once a confirmation no excess payable subject to confirmation by a police abstract report, and the repair estimate is above Kshs.15,000

Agreed Value Insurance.

Agreed value Insurance applies where in case of theft or total loss/write off there is full reimbursement. Insurers do not deduct depreciation on the settlement cheque. For agreed value to apply a vehicle should be valued within 12 months of loss.


Valuation of the vehicle

Valuation is important for proper car insurance. In addition to ensuring agreed value insurance valuation saves you money wastage on over insurance. Further it eliminates under insurance avoids application of average clause in the event of losses. We will provide a list of valuers and this service is available at no additional cost with insurer approved valuers. If you are unable to arrange valuation before cover lapses we will use your proposed estimated market value.

Agreed value clause (Subject to valuation by Insurer approved assessors)-insured value will apply for 12 months.

Legal Liability of passengers for acts of negligence

Special Perils – Riot and strike, malicious damage and flooding.

Motor Contingent liability

Use by Motor Trader

Passenger legal liability

30 days notice of cancellation

Agreed value clause (Subject to valuation by Insurer approved assessors)-insured value will apply for 12 months.

No blame – no excess payable subject to confirmation by a police abstract report, and the repair estimate is above Kshs. 15,000.


Provided the applicable premium has been paid, in the event of a claim you will not be required to pay any excess. Please note that you will bear the cost of any claims that are below the excess.


1.Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kenya

Comprehensive car insurance covers accidental damage, theft and  fire to the  insured vehicle and also includes third party property damages, bodily injuries and legal liability of the insured. The policy will compensate the insured for any costs arising out of an accident, theft, fire, Riots and Strikes, Malicious Damage, flooding, earthquake etc.

2.Third-party, fire and theft insurance cover

This class covers liability losses and also reimburses damages or losses arising out of theft or attempted theft, and damage arising out of fire. Fire damage applies to accidental fires as well as arson. The policy caters for;

  • replacing your car if it’s stolen
  • damage that happens as the result of an attempted theft e.g. broken door locks or a stolen radio.
  • fire damage to the car.
  • Damage to property of third parties including injury/death you cause through use of your vehicle.

3.Third Party Car Insurance in Kenya

  • Third Party Only (TPO) Policy reimburses costs for damages to property belonging to Third parties including bodily injuries. It is the minimum cover required by Kenya law.(cap 405 of the laws of Kenya).

Our mandate is to offer different motor insurance quotes in Kenya making it easy for our customers to quickly and accurately compare the different policy benefits on offer and buy online all to the customers convenience and comfort. Clients view online auto insurance quotations, make payments for the premium and receive their sticker delivered free of charge same day in Nairobi and within 2 business days for the rest of Kenya.

We recommend two main benefits on top of the basic car policy, the excess protector for own damage and the political violence & terrorism (PVT) cover. In the event of a claim, customers who don’t have an excess protector extension may be forced to pay high charges for the excess on the policy, which ruins the principle of indemnity. In addition, the basic comprehensive motor insurance policy does not cover damages to the insured car arising out of events of a political nature or terrorism. Therefore, two options will cover the insured and owner from the two biggest risks and expenses associated with damage to the vehicle in Kenya. There are flexible ways to pay for your comprehensive policy premiums online, payment can be done in instalments, and Premium Financing (IPF) is also available.

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